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Feb. 17th, 2008

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(no subject)

I'm ashamed to admit I forgot this was here. Anyway, I will post more from now on (I swear!).

I deleted Let A Serpent Sting Thee Twice from MNFF. Since the site is so overloaded, there isn't much point in leaving it up there since I won't be updating it for a long time. If anyone wants to read the next chapter, comment and I'll post it here.

I won't be submitting anything to MNFF until the problems are sorted out, but I'll do my best to get the next chapter of My Name is Draco Malfoy... I Think finished off and sent to Hatusu.

Until then, this is a deleted scene that I wrote ages ago before I was bitten by a rabid plot bunny. This is before he gets his memory back, as you might guess.

Nov. 2nd, 2007

Very Late Update

I haven't updated this in waaaay too long, but I'll try to keep up better from now on.

WIP Status:

My Name is Draco Malfoy... I Think ~ Working on the next chapter, but I've hit a bit of a block. I'm currently fit to strangle Draco.

Let A Serpent Sting Thee Twice ~ On hiatus until I finish My Name, or at least get most of it done. I have the next chapter written, so I might fix it up and post it here.

All the other fics I was working on are going to be shelved. I need to finish one chaptered fic before starting twenty more!

I'm taking part in NaNoWriMo, so that again is eating my time. If it turns out to be any good I might stick some of it up here.

Anyway, here's an excerpt from the currently title-less next chapter. I know it's pretty long, but since I'm posting it at  Excerpts of Murtlap on the forums I might as well put it here too. It's a dream scene, in case you're confused!

Apr. 10th, 2007


Who hates parents?

Okay, I'll be unavailable for a couple of days due to a breakdown in parent-daughter communications, but I've rewritten the first chapter of My Name is Draco Malfoy... I Think, and added in a new little sub-plot. It's posted below, and any comments or criticism are very welcome so I can improve it before sending it into MNFF and FF.net.

Any Serpent Fans will be happy to know the next chapter is typed up and I got another idea for the ending. I'll post an extract once I get back online.







Mar. 23rd, 2007


Therefore x + y = Death


Therefore x + y = Death


The result of not reading your own entries properly...

I just realised I completely forgot to post Therefore x + y = Death here. So here you go:

Oh, and I only just thought to name the chapters (it initially written as a one-shot), so forgive any mistakes.
Smile baby smile


Yes, it's true. I have updated.

The next chapter of Let A Serpent Sting Thee Twice is currently in queue at both MNFF and OWL. It will shortly be posted on FF.net too, but for the couple of you that read this journal, here it is....

In other news, I have significantly cut down on my other internet activities in order to give more time to my writing.

Current status of all fics:

My Name is Draco Malfoy... I Think ~ Next chapter still with beta, as she forgot to check her email. I'm working a couple of chapters ahead so updates should be a lot faster once I get them typed up.

Let A Serpent Sting Thee Twice ~ Next chapter in queue. Working on chapter three.

Therefore x + y = Death ~ Last chapter posted at FF.net a few days ago, and has received no reviews so far. Is the ending that awful? XD

Prisoner of Conscience ~ I seem to have...erm... mislaid the prologue and first chapter. I need to find them, type them out and pack them off to another wonderful beta.

I'm also working on another fic which I'm really into right now. It's Draco/Hermione, of course, but not (I hope!) the usual sort. I'll post more details later.

Any comments or anything are, as always, welcome.

Feb. 3rd, 2007

like *dead*

I'm Not Dead

Yes, dear readers, I am still alive. i have good news and bad news.

The bad news is I was banned for the computer for almost three weeks.

The good news is that I wrote the next two chapters of My Name is Draco Malfoy... I Think during that time, as well as some of Prisoner of Conscience.

Because my guilty conscience is working on me, I'll post a preview of the next chapter here. It's called For Whom The Bell Tolls.

Unfortunately, that's the only bit I've typed, or I would have chosen a more exciting part. Bear in minf as well that it is unbeta'd. This chapter is VERY IMPORTANT.

I might be making a rather large edit to the whole story; I need to discuss it with my beta first.

It seems that Let a Serpent Sting Thee Twice is cursed. My second beta has also vanished without a trace. Third time lucky!

I also made a new banner, which reflects the darker turn that this story will shortly take. You have been forewarned. Credit for the beautiful Draco manip goes to moonjameskitten.

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This was the old one:

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Jan. 6th, 2007

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The Pleasures of Solitude

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